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My thoughts on LDS General Conference: "He that will hear my voice shall be my sheep"

Six months ago I penned a blog post where I shared my thoughts on how President Russell M. Nelson, then president of the Quorum of the Twelve, exemplified the day of miracles had not ceased as he rushed from the Conference Center to the hospital to be by the side of Elder Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve moments before he passed away.

Today I return to my blog to say President Nelson proves the heavens are open and Christ continues to guide His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"He that will hear my voice shall be my sheep" “We have made the decision to retire ‘home teaching’ and ‘visiting teaching’ as we have known them," President Nelson said today from the Conference Center pulpit. "Instead, we will implement a newer, holier approach to caring and ministering to others. We will refer to these efforts simply as ‘ministering.’"

Shortly after this announcement, which has been in the works for "a period of years," I we…
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How President Nelson Exemplified the Day of Miracles Has Not Ceased

During the Sunday Morning Session, Elder Donald L. Hallstrom, General Authority Seventy, echoed the question Moroni posed, “Has the day of miracles ceased?”
He then affirmed with his words that God still performs miracles. Then, President Russell M. Nelson, president of the Quorum of the Twelve, affirmed it with his actions.
As soon as the closing prayer’s “amen” was uttered, President Nelson broke tradition. Instead of waiting for President Henry B. Eyring, first counselor in the First Presidency, to come shake his hand, President Nelson met him halfway, right behind the podium (see above screenshot). He whispered something in President Eyring’s ear, and then the camera cut away. I can’t tell you exactly what happened next.
But here’s what I assume.
I assume the conversation between the two included President Nelson telling President Eyring that he needed to visit his quorum member, Elder Robert D. Hales.  He then left the Conference Center and headed straight to the hospital.
The sessio…

Thank you, 2016.

I can't seem to find the resolutions I set in 2016 anywhere. I've searched every journal, every note in my phone and every email to missionaries. So my first resolution for 2017 — keep track of where I write down my resolutions.
I'm resurrecting my old blog because I wanted a venue to bid goodbye to 2016. 
This year has been unlike any other year in my life. I never realized how grounding it is to have a life plan. I defined my life plan through my youth — preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, mission, finish college. 
And this year I no longer had that plan. In December 2015 I left Brigham Young University with my bachelor's degree in-hand (well, in the mail) and embarked on a new adventure, beginning my career as a journalist.
I started the year out in Salt Lake City. An internship with Deseret News bursted my Provo bubble and I headed 45 miles to the north. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made. My path led me t…

I Have No Friends

"No friends. No friends. I have no friends."    These are the lyrics to one of the masterpieces written by my brother, Alaric. We were in high school. He invited his friends to come over that night and every single one of them was late. Even though it led to a depressing song, I was grateful because we laughed for hours about it. In fact, Alaric and I still smile when we think of that song.     That memory always brings a dose of sunshine to the moments I feel like I have no friends (yep, I have those some times). It makes me smile when I've moved to a new place and I have no one to sit with at church. Or when I have no plans on a Friday night.     Maybe I'm just crazy but I think other people have those moments they feel friendless.     Recently though I realized my problem is I don't necessarily feel friendless — I feel like I'm not measuring up to the number of friends I should have or the number of new friends I should be making.    Earlier this week I…

What I Learned (Not Reported) at Education Week

Guess what? I'm officially a reporter for The Universe! (That's BYU's Campus Newspaper, in case you didn't know). Most of you know that I'm a Communications Major (Journalism Emphasis) at school. Part of the major is this super difficult (supposedly, I'm taking it in the fall) class called Comms 321: News Reporting. In that class you write articles for the paper. All of the members of the class got an email inviting us to get a head start on our inch count by reporting on Education Week. I decided this sounded like a splendid idea and signed up. Let me tell you, nine articles in four days is no easy feat. Well, maybe it is for more experienced reporters but I felt busy all the time. For those of you who don't know what education week is, it's pretty much you go to a bunch of classes on various topics ranging from the life of Jesus to how to plant a garden box.  The hardest part of reporting? Trying to write the articles for the public instead of writing the a…